Automotive Harnesses QDAWH003

Short Description:


● Product built to IPC A-620B Class III standards
● Electronic Programmable Testing
● Visual Inspection
● Documented Quality Procedures
● Date Code and Lot Number Protection


Our engineering team will consider:


● Reducing manufacturing cost
● Improving product quality
● Shortening the process cycle time
● Designing efficiency testing and process fixture


Product Detail

Product Tags

QIDI CN's wire harnesses are produced under the control of QIDI CN's TQM system. Wiring board fixtures, test board fixtures, assembly fixtures and special tools are, also produced in-house, under the control of QIDI CN's TQM system. QIDI CN can provide our customers with competitive pricing with the same level of quality performance by using locally sourced equivalent components.We have the expertise in manufacturing wire/cable harnesses.

We manufacture and supply integrated cable/wire harness for widest variety of consumer products, such as the application below:

①Military Wiring
②Panel Wiring
③Military Vehicle wiring
④Industrial & Commercial
⑥Scientific Instrumentation
⑦Datacomms & Telecomms
⑧Flat cable
⑩Entertainment / Audio & Visual

We can manufacture harnesses perfectly complying to your specification, or be a part of your product development and help you through your design process. After working with custom design in a number of different industries, we know by experience the importance of close dialog with our clients. Our expertise, combined with yours, we will find and deliver the best solutions to you.

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