QIDI devotes to designing & producing Robot wiring harnesses for 10years

In order to meet market demand, our company QIDI CN has been developing and manufacturing robot wiring harnesses since 2010, and has 10 years of experience in robot wiring harness production. Although the core of the robot is its chip and even more important, it can drive his activities inside and out. The important core of the robot is the terminal wire harnesses in the robot. The robot can achieve various actions and must be tied to a variety of long and short wires. The material of the wire is Teflon wire. Because Teflon has the characteristics of non-stickiness, heat resistance, sliding, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., Teflon wire is compared with other high temperature wires. : Excellent thermal stability and mechanical abrasion resistance electrical insulation properties, resistance to strong acids and alkalis, corrosion resistance, non-flammable in fire, high flammability index, non-aging, etc.
UL certified, RoHS compliant wire

Electronic wire
● Teflon Wire
● Wire manufacturers: Sumitomo, Hitachi, LTK, Furukawa, Bando, Wantai

UL certification, RoHS-compliant terminals
● Nickel plating on phosphor bronze surface
● The surface of phosphor bronze is gold-plated
● Brass
● Terminal manufacturers: JST, MOLEX, AMP, HRS, JAM, JAE, JYC, JSY, etc.
UL certified, RoHS compliant connector
● PBT, nylon 66 (NYLON66)
● Fire rating: UL94V-0
● Terminal manufacturers: JST, MOLEX, AMP, HRS, JAM, JAE, JYC, JSY, etc.

Automatic processing equipment imported from Japan
● Japanese special mold for pressing
● Japanese automatic crimping machine
30 times CCD visual inspection instrument
● Terminal crimping visual inspection CCT
● Bending, deformation, bell mouth, undercut

Japan terminal crimping standard inspection
● Pulling force test
● Core wire height, skin height test

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Post time: Aug-04-2020