QIDI devotes to designing & producing Audio-video harnesses for 10years

In order to meet market demand, our company QIDI CN has been developing and manufacturing Audio-video harnesses since 2010, for :

  • ●Audio-video receivers
  • ●Powered loudspeakers
  • ●Speaker docks
  • ●Soundbars and consoles
  • ●Powered subwoofers
  • ●Multi-room audio systems

QIDI CN develops and manufactures manykinds of Audio-video harnesses and assemblies, on both and OEM and ODM basis. We believe in developing lasting relationships with our clients, and we work hard to develop a mutually-beneficial team approach to bring their products to market. We supply engineering, manufacturing support, quality assurance, and program management disciplines to ensure products are developed on time, within budget, and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Why partner with QIDI CN?

1. Vertically integrated

Over 10 years in Audio-video harnesses and assemblies, plus experienced third party providers for a complete one-stop ODM/OEM solution

2. Long Term Partnerships –  Growing together with our customers

Most of our customers have been working with QIDI CN for over 10 years

3. Commitment to ethical business, international business practices and protection of intellectual properties

We are totally committed to our customers’ satisfaction, guarantee the confidentiality of prosperous information and protection of intellectual properties. Most of our office staff are English speaking and understand international business ethics.

4. Open Channels of Communication

The organizational structure of QIDI CN is designed around the customer so our management and key personnel can be easily reached.

5. Strong financials

We maintain a zero debt policy without any need to borrow money, thus are financially solid and more capable of prospering during a challenging economic climate.


Post time: Dec-15-2020